Questions and Answers about Yukigassen

Q: Does every team need their own equipment (helmets, etc.)?
A: The host organization supplies all special equipment required for the tournament, such as: helmets with face shields, player vests, etc. Teams are expected to dress in team uniform.

Q: How many players must there be on a team?
A: At the start, each team must have seven players on the field and a captain. If desired, the captain may play on the field as one of the seven players. The maximum number of players on a team is nine - seven on the field, two substitutes waiting on the sidelines. Also, of the seven players on the field, three must be women.

Q: Is the team flag provided or is it made by the team?
A: The host does not provide the team flag - it must be made by each team itself. The flag requirements are as follows:
Material must be a 50cm by 100cm cloth flag on a 2 meter flagpole
Q: Is an offensive player allowed move within the entire field?
A: No!. An offence player is allowed free movement only outside of the team’s own defence line. Defense players are allowed to move freely over the entire field, and can thus relay snowballs to the offensive players. A player is not allowed to cross the field limits during a match. A maximum of three players may cross the center line to the opponent’s side.

Read the full rules from this link.